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was founded by a number of Houston-Galveston carnival-lovers, many of whom had been members of New Orleans Krewes but wanted to contribute to the spirit of local Mardi Gras festivities.




Our Name: The Krewe's name was selected as a rebuff to the usual tradition-bound nature of Krewes (and their usually difficult to pronounce names).  The founding members decided that the new Krewe's name was not as important as the idea of just getting family and friends together to enjoy a good time Mardi Gras style. 


More Than Just Mardi Gras:  The Krewe has several events throughout the year to help keep the momentum of Mardi Gras going all year long.  Check out our Events page for details.  You are invited to join us!


Membership: The Krewe of Who? has three levels of membership:  Purple, Green and Gold.  The entry level of our Krewe is the Purple level.  These members participate on party committees and demonstrate the Mardi Gras spirit in order to move up to the Green level. 

The Green level is the middle tier of the Krewe where members participate on a party committee at least once every two years.  These guys know how to party!

The Gold level members are the top tier of the Krewe and serve as the board of directors.  Many of these members are founding members and have been involved in the development of the Krewe since inception.  Gold members serve as a Committee Chairman at least once every three years.  All Gold members are members of the Royal Circle which entitles the member to be crowed
King / Queen of Mardi Gras.

on committees is required to move to the next level in our Krewe.  Warning, these committees are "party" committees and will involve a lot of fun.  If you are interested in becoming a member, complete an application form and return it with your dues to the Membership Chairman listed on the form.  You will be notified of your acceptance into the Krewe via email or telephone.

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